Jan. 15th, 2009

luna_hoshino: (I hold with those who favor fire)
[livejournal.com profile] dissonate learned the hard way never to go AFK without putting an away message up. LOVE YOU, DEAR.

Gimping around on a sprained ankle really kind of sucks... it was getting better for a little bit and now all of a sudden it's all "OWW" again, so I'm experimenting with propping it up on a pillow when I sleep to see if that helps. (Insert comments about "you are what you play" here, because Colette and Emil.) If not, I guess it's off to the doctor for me.

Hell yeah, four-day weekend. SO looking forward to this, and to getting to see people again. Um, to people I still owe packages to, I will mail them once I am not limping around, I promise. *sits in the failcorner*

Blaargh I dunno, nothing exciting going on in my life other than that. Went over to [livejournal.com profile] griffin_khan's a couple of weeks ago and we played some Tales of Vesperia, which reminded me that I really need to get off my ass and finish Abyss so I can start that. Maybe I can do that this weekend, because no way am I leaving the house save to go see people until the Inauguration is over. I don't know where they're even going to PUT four million people, which is how many are expected last I checked...


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