luna_hoshino: (Sirius)
2009-02-11 06:20 pm

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The How's My Driving? Meme

Hit me, guys~ I got some nice comments on the anon meme but I'd really like some crit as well if anyone has it! BE HONEST.

Also, hello to everyone from the Luceti friending meme! Now you get to see just how boring I really am. (Well, boring and crazy, but you likely already knew that.)

... um, I had something else to say, but I completely forgot what it was. OH WAIT-- everyone who needs my cell phone # for Katsucon has it, right? If not, let me know now so I can give it to you. I'll be heading over sometime Friday afternoon, so if anyone else gets there around that time and wants to hang out, just give me a call.

Wow, do I ever need caffeine. Maybe I'll be a little more coherent after I have some.