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[ profile] luna_hoshino: I NEED TO GET IN A TAGGING MOOD FIRST
[ profile] griffins: *gives you a cookie?*
[ profile] greyangel: well runa
[ profile] greyangel: first determine why you arent in a fagging mood
[ profile] greyangel: and then go from there
[ profile] greyangel: lagging
[ profile] greyangel: tagging
[ profile] greyangel: wat
[ profile] kyio: ...
[ profile] luna_hoshino: .............
[ profile] fontech: ....
[ profile] fontech: are you in the mood to fag, luna
[ profile] luna_hoshino: /CANNOT BREATHE
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posting this from my phone, woot! obviously I have yet to figure out things like capital letters on this, but yay phone!
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Back from Anime North in one piece, miss [ profile] yukie_1013 and [ profile] fontech already. ;A; I'll write up a con report when I am not exhausted, but for now, bed.
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Back from St. Louis! Much fun was had, and MY LITTLE SISTER IS NOW A COLLEGE GRADUATE. Congrats, [ profile] tsunami_ryuu, you now have a piece of paper with your name on it that you will stick somewhere and forget about! Now it's back home until Friday morning, when I'm off to Toronto for AN. I'll write up a big long post about my trip and what we did later, but for now, have a meme:

Ask me a question about my roleplaying characters in context of the game. It can be any question, about relationships, history, plans, what they're doing right now, romance, what they want to do, their favorite comfort foods, anything. It just has to be about the character in game context. I will do my best to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

[ profile] luceti

[ profile] dramadramaduck

[ profile] paradisa
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AAAAAAHHH this month is nuts AAAAAHHHH okay I'm done. Nuts in a good way for the most part, but I'm still running around like crazy for a lot of it. My old boss went back to Japan this past weekend (man, I'm going to miss him; I couldn't have asked for a better boss and I adored his family), so most of the week was spent doing last-minute stuff to get ready for him to leave. This weekend it's off to St. Louis for [ profile] tsunami_ryuu's graduation, then my uncle and aunt are coming to visit, and then the next weekend it's up to Toronto for Anime North with [ profile] yukie_1013, [ profile] fontech and [ profile] fanfare. And then my NEW boss gets here on the 26th, so you can see why this month is a little hectic for me.

Oh yes, and I have a Dreamwidth now! I am Yuan over there, and I plan to use it as a recipe blog of sorts since I've been thinking of doing something like that for a while.

And this is more for me than anything else, but...

List of things I need to buy for my Emil cosplay )
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It was only 2 AM, what )

The List of Things Sapph Has Called Me So Far That Are Not In Fact My Name (Luna, Email or Emil)

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HOW DID I JUST SWING THAT I just landed a room in the Doubletree for Anime North, fuck yeah~ [ profile] fanfare, [ profile] fontech, I dunno where you guys are staying but hopefully it's close? Amusingly enough, the Holiday Inn was actually sold out and yet the Doubletree... wasn't. Go figure.

Ugh, this is the headache that will NOT go away. It started out as a migraine, lasted for two days, and now has dwindled into a headache that seems to get worse when I'm under bright lights or staring at the computer screen, and my eyes are having trouble focusing and keep watering. Blargh. Remind me to swing by Safeway to pick up my Relpax refill so I'm not stuck high and dry if I get ANOTHER migraine. OH YEAH and the nausea too, it's awesome. GODDAMMIT BODY STOP MALFUNCTIONING.
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... so last night I had a dream that Zelos was a Gundam pilot and I was his sniper or something, and the two of us were flying his Gundam around St. Albans' campus.

Sometimes I really, really wonder about my subconscious. But it was a FREAKIN' AWESOME dream. GUNDAM RIDE! GUNDAM RIDE! A++ would dream again.
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Waking up with a migraine is AWESOME, guys. Talk about knowing it's going to be a crappy day. Fff apologies to everyone for just like... passing out repeatedly over the weekend, I dunno what was wrong with me. I kept going "oh I'll just lie down for a few minutes" and then waking up five or six hours later. I'll catch up on tags, I promise!

Also, why the hell is it 95 FREAKING DEGREES OUTSIDE? It is April! It is not supposed to be that hot!

*melts into a little puddle*
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Ugh. I'm getting really tired of my moods going up and down like some sort of crazy rollercoaster... I can be wanting to kill things one minute and then an hour later I'm fine and happy for no reason at all. Add in to that the fatigue (can I please just wake up ONE morning not feeling like I've been hit by a truck? Please?) and the constant overall DURR (I don't know how else to describe it; I just spent five minutes looking for my soda when it was right here on the desk next to me and I've been forgetting things and misreading things left and right) and you get a not-too-happy Luna. Plus I'm kind of in that apathetic mode where I feel like I'm just screwing everything up (hence my lack of activity in DDD and my slowness in Luceti and Paradisa tags; I'm sorry guys, that's been really crappy of me and I need to fix it), so ehh.


Anyway, booked my plane tickets for Tsu's graduation and Anime North, so that is all set. Ffff May is going to be busy. Ah well.

And because Koyu tagged me, have a meme )

... AND APPARENTLY TEAR TAGGED ME WITH YUAN AND I DIDN'T NOTICE. So here, have the meme for Yuan too.

Character Meme: Yuan Ka-Fai )
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So, lately I have developed the bad-for-my-wallet habit of buying lunch from the cafeteria downstairs. The food there is actually pretty good; they've got a salad bar and a hot bar with a wide variety of different dishes that changes every day. About once a week they have this delicious seafood dish that consists of shrimp, octopus, squid, artificial crab and sometimes clams in garlic sauce.

Now, I am rather fond of this particular dish, so when I saw it on the hot bar I knew immediately what I was having for lunch today. Scooped some up, paid for it, grabbed a soda, and went on my merry way back up to the office. It wasn't until I had already started eating that I realized something.

There was half a freaking octopus in my lunch. And it was the half with the tentacles.

It was quite edible, but those of you who have ever eaten octopus before have probably guessed why this was a problem. For those of you who haven't, let me explain: octopus is roughly the same consistency as a pencil eraser. Trying to cut it with a flimsy plastic knife (or indeed, just about any knife short of a steak knife) is like trying to dig your way out of prison with a spoon.

There was only one solution: I was going to have to eat this sucker whole. Taking a furtive glance around to make sure that my boss was in the other room and not about to come in, I managed to spear the thing on my fork and shoved part of it into my mouth, tentacles and all. (I'm sure there's probably some sort of fetish site for things like this out there, or some sort of fantastic academic commentary that could be made on this subversion of Urotsukidoji, but I'll leave that up to you.)

So I was sitting there, tentacles sticking partway out of my mouth and making me look like some sort of bizarre, unholy spawn of Cthulhu when the flaw in my plan occurred to me. I was going to have to CHEW this somehow.

I often use the phrase "OM NOM NOM" to refer to eating-- never before has it been this true. There really isn't any other way to devour half an octopus without om-nom-nomming it, complete with sound effects. I'm not going to describe the details; I'm sure you can imagine.

Eventually I managed to claim victory over the octopus after about five minutes of om-nom-nomming. Alas, I do not have any photos of said octopus, so you will have to take my word that this was an impressive accomplishment.

Next time, I think I'll just get a burger.
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Man, half of my flist seems to be sad/depressed/angry/whatever right now. CHEER UP, GUYS. HAVE AN ADORABLE KITTEN AND FEEL BETTER.

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[ profile] shokora_kukki: I've seen bigger
[ profile] fontech: idk, crowe's is bigger xD
[ profile] meowzy_chan: Yeah, it is very pretty. Is that a manga scan?
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ...
[ profile] griffins: big ones annoy me
[ profile] luna_hoshino: I look back, and the first thing I see is "Crowe's is bigger"
[ profile] meowzy_chan: NO LUNA.
[ profile] griffins: /pokes crowe forever
[ profile] fontech: ...
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Back of manga 4 + color picture from manga 5
[ profile] meowzy_chan: THAT IS NOW WHAT AKAI MEANT
[ profile] meowzy_chan: *NOT
[ profile] luna_hoshino: FFFF
[ profile] luna_hoshino: WELL IT IS NOW
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... I've been drinking way too much Starbucks lately but it is so good ;A; I can't believe I never discovered how amazing caramel macchiatos were before. (Also, I need to stop eating everything in sight. Having a borked metabolism does not mean you should make like a Hoover, self.)

SPEAKING OF hahaha the endo refused to believe that I have a thyroid problem because my TSH is still in the normal range, and the TSH is the "gold standard" (his words) for diagnosing hyperthyroidism. Never mind that my TSH has DROPPED from 2.062 when I was healthy to 1.152 now. NO, IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT MY THYROID. Ffff. At this point it looks like I'm either stuck trying to find a doctor who will look at the symptoms rather than the numbers (and spend a fortune in the process) or just deal with it and see if eventually my TSH drops enough to make me clinically hyperthyroid. Suuuuuucks. But oh well, nothing I can do right now.

Also, re: the latest House episode... WTF WAS THAT, YOU GUYS. JUST... WTF. I'll be curious how they're going to explain that one.
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... you know, I was going to make a whole ranty post about health stuff until I checked Emil's flist and laughed so hard I CRIED. ILU [ profile] eggstasy and [ profile] fontech, that was exactly what I needed even if you didn't know that. ♥ I can't believe you actually went through with it, oh god.

In other news, I got to meet [ profile] lil_duckie314 yesterday and run around the Mall a bit on my lunch break, which was awesome even if we did spend 20 minutes playing text/phone tag and trying to find each other. (SEE LANEY, I AM NOT SOME CREEPY OLD GUY.) We went to the Natural History Museum and looked at the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond and the mammal exhibit, and while we didn't end up wandering over to the Tidal Basin, some of the cherry blossoms around the Capitol were already out so it looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty good year blossom-wise. If the weather for the Sakura Matsuri is like what it was yesterday, that would be perfect.

Also, I spent most of yesterday evening watching... Sailor Moon. I HAVE A REASON FOR IT, REALLY. But wow, nostalgia. Still wanna cosplay from that some day.
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I think the only truly appropriate response to this is "oh Japan."

Speaking of Japan, Yahoo!Japan owns far too much of my soul (and my paycheck) these days because it's the only place I can consistently find Ratatosk doujinshi. Just yesterday I spent WAY too much because I finally found a copy of the Richter anthology there-- I've been wanting to add that to my collection as I already have the Aster and Decus/Alice ones. I haven't spent this much on a fandom since... well, okay, since Gurren Lagann. But that was still two years ago! I also caught myself looking for Star Ocean 4 doujinshi when I haven't even played the game yet. I blame this entirely on [ profile] fontech, [ profile] apocalyptic, [ profile] iolites and [ profile] jackatlas. Horrible enablers, all of you.

Also, [ profile] meowzy_chan, my parents said that either day would be fine. So it's up to you! AND WHEN YOU GET ONLINE I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA FOR THE EVENT.

Hmm... need to make hotel reservations and get plane tickets for Anime North, too. [ profile] fanfare, you're going too, right? We need to hang out more this year! I'm thinking I'll come up on Friday morning and then leave Monday afternoon to maximize my hangout time with people.

And oh yeah, endocrinologist appointment get. Hopefully I will be able to get this whole might-be-thyroid thing sorted out soon and then I will get some of my energy back.

... and I just found a mini Twix bar in my purse from the other day. Yeah, this is a good day.
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[ profile] greyangel: lemaaaaail~
[ profile] kyio: Emaiiiiil
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] kyio: ...
[ profile] greyangel: wtf
[ profile] kyio: XDDDD
[ profile] luna_hoshino: .....
[ profile] shokora_kukki: XD
[ profile] notmoe: ...
[ profile] kyio: Ojkwh.
[ profile] kyio: ...
[ profile] kyosukekusaragi: French.
[ profile] kyio: Oj l..
[ profile] shokora_kukki: French Emial.
[ profile] ame_no_genki: xD
[ profile] kyio: ...
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Email.
[ profile] kyio: Screw it.
[ profile] greyangel: /cliff
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ... BRB LJ
[ profile] kyio: /stabs light fixture above desk
[ profile] kyio: I CAN;'T TIME LIKE THIS.
[ profile] kyio: ... YPE..
[ profile] kyio: ... TYPE
[ profile] kyio: FFFFFFFFFFFF
[ profile] greyangel: oh you
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Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Anything.

Post anonymously. Speak honestly. Post as many times as you like.
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Like Kyo, my journal is mostly comprised of memes now. Awesome.
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