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... after last night, I will never be able to get rid of the mental image of Giotto watching people masturbate, Ex as a secret porn magnate and Crowe as a secret camwhore who used that to pay for the Aquila's armaments. THANKS SOL AND AKAI.

In other news, just two more weeks until I'm off to the Netherlands for a week to visit [ profile] meowzy_chan! That's going to be an adventure because I've never been to Europe before. Hopefully Meowzy will keep me from getting lost on the trains or something equally stupid. I also get to attend a Dutch anime con there! I think that, after things like Otakon, I'm gonna be really surprised by how small it is in comparison.

Work-wise, stuff is fine, just the usual. I signed up to take the JLPT 2 in December and now I have to get off my ass and actually study kanji and vocab for it, eww. This is why I have no desire to go back for grad school-- academics just aren't my thing. It's probably because my brain sees textbooks or papers and lets out a very Darth Vader-esque "NOOOOOOOO" before retreating back into my skull, leaving me sitting there going DERP. Yeah, not for me.

Lately I've been going a little nuts with the cooking (not that Tsu is complaining; she gets to eat the results), Japanese cooking in particular because we're lucky enough to have a couple of amazing Japanese markets that are easily accessible, which makes acquiring ingredients a snap. Not that... most of what I've cooked lately has required hard-to-find ingredients, but shhhh. So far I've done omrice, napolitan, and oyakodon; tonight will probably be okonomiyaki and hopefully it won't be a disaster like the last time Tsu and I tried that. MAN I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH. I've been trying to get back into better shape but fooooooood.

My Gmail is an amazing mess at the moment thanks to the Luceti event but I am loving every minute of it. I finally get to have Arumat die in an epic fashion-- this is something I've wanted to do for months, I've just lacked a suitable opportunity. I won't lie, part of my excitement over it is the thought of Myuria and Draco FLIPPING OUT on Yuber, because that will be one hell of a thing to see. Also Richard and Naoki are the cutest things ever holy crap aaaahhhh. ♥ It has been decreed that they shall never be allowed to have a love life because somehow they must always, ALWAYS be interrupted. I look forward to the future hilarity that will undoubtedly ensue thanks to people like Isamu and Ted.

And finally, a meme:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudocanon.

EDIT: ... I love how I make this entry and then completely forget to mention that today is my two-year Luceti anniversary. Fuck yeah. Here's to many more amazing years!
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