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[ profile] downburst: /fights arietta on very hard
[ profile] shokora_kukki: .../read that wrong
[ profile] shokora_kukki: /headdesks at self
[ profile] vilyasage: ...
[ profile] vilyasage: eh?
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ... Kukki, what did you read. 8|
[ profile] vilyasage: ...
[ profile] vilyasage: kukki how did you know that
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Well, I... kinda mixed up her name with that phrase, so I saw
[ profile] shokora_kukki: "/fights vagina on very hard"
[ profile] vilyasage: ...
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ... ffffff
[ profile] vilyasage: better than unknown, I guess
[ profile] shokora_kukki: ffffffffffffffffff
[ profile] fuckyeahfish: ...
[ profile] downburst: ....
[ profile] shokora_kukki: And I figured since it was near Christmas, and I got Kratos' paid account near that time too. :|b
[ profile] fuckyeahfish: /cannot stop laughing
[ profile] vilyasage: wonder who's winning the fight
[ profile] shokora_kukki: I just wonder how she's fighting it. Man.
[ profile] vilyasage: it's VERY HARD
[ profile] vilyasage: duh
[ profile] luna_hoshino: .......
[ profile] luna_hoshino: Oh god the mental images
[ profile] shokora_kukki: /bows
[ profile] vilyasage: *tags luna you are it*
[ profile] luna_hoshino: I know, hold on, I have a billion tags and my brain is dying. XD;
[ profile] vilyasage: *revives brain with smelly emails*
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ... okay, see, I read THAT wrong.
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Now what did you read that as.
[ profile] luna_hoshino: Guess.
[ profile] vilyasage: ...I can't guess
[ profile] luna_hoshino: "Smelly emils"
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Smells like unicorn farts?
[ profile] vilyasage: ...
[ profile] luna_hoshino: And now I can't stop-- DAMMIT
[ profile] vilyasage: that's not as bad as vagina fights
[ profile] shokora_kukki: SHIRU HOW'S THAT FIGHT COMING ALONG
[ profile] zanegyf: vagina fights?
[ profile] luna_hoshino: Which ping Zane, apparently.
[ profile] zanegyf: ... Do they wear boxing gloves?
[ profile] zanegyf: Well no.
[ profile] shokora_kukki: /laughing
[ profile] zanegyf: But you know what pings me?
[ profile] zanegyf: Santa's good in bed list.
[ profile] luna_hoshino: /in tears laughing
[ profile] zanegyf: Which you are not on, Email.
[ profile] luna_hoshino: /LAUGHING TOO HARD TO CARE
[ profile] vilyasage: maybe if shiru wins the fight she can move on to the finals
[ profile] shokora_kukki: ffff, what's the finals?
[ profile] luna_hoshino: ... no, I am not even making that joke.
[ profile] shokora_kukki: Well, it's either a fight to the death with breasts or penis.
[ profile] vilyasage: or someone else's muffin
[ profile] fuckyeahfish: ...
[ profile] shokora_kukki: That too. :|b

I WANT THIS SONG SO BADLY sdfjkhdg why can't it be December yet
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