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OKAY SO after scrutinizing the new Tales of VS. trailer and comparing the character select screen shown in the top left corner at :28 to the confirmed characters list and using that to fill in some of the blank portraits, here's what I've come up with:

Row 1: Cless, space, Chester, Arche, Stahn, Leon, Philia
Row 2: Space, Kongman, space, Kyle, Nanaly, Harold, space
Row 3: Lloyd, Colette, Kratos, Presea, Eugene, Mao, Senel
Row 4: Luke, Tear, Jade, Anise, Asch, space, Ruca
Row 5: Space, Richter, Yuri, Rita, Judith, Shing, space

Now, from looking at this, we can make educated guesses about the remaining seven unconfirmed characters.

Row one, position two: Most likely Mint, since it's a Phantasia character. Possibly Klarth or Suzu.
Row two, position two: Someone from Destiny. Garr or Chelsea?
Row two, position three: Either someone else from Destiny or someone from Eternia. Reid, perhaps?
Row two, position seven: Given some of the sketches seen in earlier trailers, my guess is going to be Barbatos from Destiny 2.
Row four, position six: Either someone else from Abyss (unlikely, but if so then probably Guy) or, more likely, Caius from Tempest.
Row five, position one: Probably Emil (FUCK YES IT HAD BETTER BE)
Row five, position six: Someone from Hearts, probably Kohak.

To sum up, my guesses for the remaining characters are thus: Mint, Garr or Chelsea, Reid, Barbatos, Caius, Emil and Kohak.

LET'S SEE IF I'M RIGHT. I just wanted to get this on the record. :3
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