Mar. 20th, 2009

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I think the only truly appropriate response to this is "oh Japan."

Speaking of Japan, Yahoo!Japan owns far too much of my soul (and my paycheck) these days because it's the only place I can consistently find Ratatosk doujinshi. Just yesterday I spent WAY too much because I finally found a copy of the Richter anthology there-- I've been wanting to add that to my collection as I already have the Aster and Decus/Alice ones. I haven't spent this much on a fandom since... well, okay, since Gurren Lagann. But that was still two years ago! I also caught myself looking for Star Ocean 4 doujinshi when I haven't even played the game yet. I blame this entirely on [ profile] fontech, [ profile] apocalyptic, [ profile] iolites and [ profile] jackatlas. Horrible enablers, all of you.

Also, [ profile] meowzy_chan, my parents said that either day would be fine. So it's up to you! AND WHEN YOU GET ONLINE I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA FOR THE EVENT.

Hmm... need to make hotel reservations and get plane tickets for Anime North, too. [ profile] fanfare, you're going too, right? We need to hang out more this year! I'm thinking I'll come up on Friday morning and then leave Monday afternoon to maximize my hangout time with people.

And oh yeah, endocrinologist appointment get. Hopefully I will be able to get this whole might-be-thyroid thing sorted out soon and then I will get some of my energy back.

... and I just found a mini Twix bar in my purse from the other day. Yeah, this is a good day.


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